Per Gessle answers to questions from fans

Q from David Di Troia: Hey Per!
What are the stories with these songs?

Taken From BMI:
ONLY YOU – Is it really as bad as you made it out to be? Was it meant for TWATG?

LIBERAME AMOR – Is this the Spanish version of you Don’t Understand me?
HOLD ON MY HEART – Written for another Artist?
DEPUIS LA N…UIT DES TEMPS – Written for Another Artist?
FEMALE GODDESS – Lou Bega, really?
HAPPY NEW YEAR – Written for SOAP or PC?


Hey David, yea “Only you” is actually terrible. BWY OWID LC HOL are pretty decent ones. I/We might use them some day. HOMY was recorded by some European boyband, can’t remember their name. I like that song too! It might pop up somewhere else.

Q from Marcos Dolmance: Dear Per, there are lots of people waiting for Roxette to play again in Argentina, we’ve been following you since we were just teenagers, couldn’t go to your shows because we were too young, so we hope for at least one more visit. Please take it into acount. Regards from Buenos Aires.

Yep, would love to come back to South America. Let’s see what happens down the road. Cheers, P.

Q from Aline Trevisan: Per, have you been to Lady Gaga show?

No, such a shame I missed it. I like her Paparazzi-song. And Jonas’ videos

Q from Wendy Collaer: Check it out =) The Baseballs – The Look

Christoffer likes it!

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  1. Hold On My Heart – this european group is (was) K-Ottic. 2 teenage girls and 2 teenage boys. Then (around 2003 I think.) Great song btw.

  2. Evgeny Perekopskiy 04 May at 0:48
    Kära Per! Did you ever smoke a cigarette? I heard you were smoking Rothmans. Is it true? Tackar! Evgeny

    Per Gessle 05 May at 2:18
    Dear E. No, I was never a smoker. Actually, I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my entire life!!!! A cigar once in a while in the past but not anymore. Cheers from the studio. P

  3. Hej alla!:) I’m Roland from Hungary! The gig was fantastic, let me start with this please. Thank you all! Well, i have some question i would like to get answers for.
    Are the following songs belong to Roxette, G.T., Per or Marie?

    01. Bored
    02. Being with you
    03. Deve ter sido amor
    04. Hold on my heart
    05. Hxjakt
    06. Loud clothes
    07. Depuis la nuit des temps ( Rainclouds )
    08. Rocket from her / my heart
    09. Turn of the tide
    10. Syndafloden
    11. Min tjej läser playgirl
    12. Mari
    13. Grattis, Tim!

    Thank you really so very much for answering me!!! Tack! I wish you all the best to You all from Hungary!!!!

  4. Hej, Per! I’m Roland again. Well, i found some old songs, i guess, which have got something to do with Gyllene Tider, Roxette or You. Please tell me the truth about these songs and that where i can have it from because my collection misses them still and i would like my collection to be complete.

    The songs are:

    Dance away / from G.T. / (?)
    Gå hem innan du legger dig
    I’ve got nothing to hide
    Jag väntar på en vän
    Min tjej läser Playgirl
    Oh Karin
    Symbol of the autumn

    Tack så mycket!!! Thank you for the answers in advance and wish all of You the best! May God bless You all! You are the Greatest One!!!

    Greetings from Hungary,

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