German and Austrian media report about Roxette’s performance at the Royal Wedding

RTL’s Exclusiv (see online, minute 7) from Friday 11th of June reported about Princess Victoria’s wish to have Roxette perform at her wedding. During the same day various German and Austrian newspapers reported about an article published by “Stockholm newspapers”, where it was mentioned that Roxette would perform AT the wedding.

We knew Per and Marie would perform at the concert the day before, but on Saturday? After some searching, we found the source of the news: Expressen. According to this article, the duo is going to perform both days:

Friday 18th: at the parliment concert in Konserthuset following artists are expected to perform: Roxette, Malena Ernman, Helen Sjöholm, Magnus Uggla, Sarah Dawn Finer and Peter Jöback.
Saturday 19th: During the wedding ceremony Björn Skifs and Agnes  will perform a duett. Daniel’s relatives “Westlings spelmän” will also perform in the church, while Cotton Club, Jessica Andersson, Carola, Kayo and Roxette are to perform during the party in the palace.

Regarding TV Broadcast and live-stream, this is what I could find out until now on SVT’s website:

Friday 18th:

On SVT Play scroll down until you find the list of shows to be streamed on Friday 18th and you’ll find this text

0:30 – 22:45  Det kungliga bröllopet – Festföreställning Konserthuset

  • Livesändning Fre 18 jun Festkonserten från Konserthuset i Stockholm är en gåva till kronprinsessparet från Sveriges Riksdag och därmed svenska folket. Det musikaliska programmet innehåller Sveriges yttersta elit inom såväl klassisk musik som populärmusik, och de framträder tillsammans med Kungliga Filharmonikerna. Drygt 290 medverkande kommer att förenas i en hyllning till kärleken.

Which means that the concert should be seen on the website, question is if due to copyright, if citizens outside Sweden will be able to see this stream.

Saturday 19th:

SVT seems to be reporting and live-streaming the whole day about the wedding, starting at 07:55. Can also be found on SVT Play.

07:55 Gomorron Sverige – Det kungliga bröllopet
15:25 Det kungliga bröllopet: Vigseln
16:35 Det kungliga bröllopet: Kortegen
19:45 Det kungliga bröllopet: Middagen
22:30 Det kungliga bröllopet: Festen

6 thoughts on “German and Austrian media report about Roxette’s performance at the Royal Wedding”

  1. It seems like there won’t be possible to watch the Wedding on SVT website if you live outside Sweden – at least at the moment I cannot even watch “Det kungliga brollopet”, so I don’t think it will change for the wedding. The copyrights issues again – and unfortunately no Polish TV-station is due to show it. Hope for German chanells! 🙂

  2. “”? How fitting! 😉

    I totally missed the info about rox performing at the actual wedding day! Can we really expect the whole party to be broadcasted? I can’t remember that from any prevous royal wedding (well, saw only the first to brits as a kid) – only the ceremony and carriage through town…

  3. ORF and ZDF seem to broadcast only until 18:00, meaning the wedding and the carriage. But hopefully we’ll be able to follow the rest on svt play!

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