Per Gessle at the royal ball – June 17th

Tonight at Drottnigsholm Palace the big pre-wedding dinner takes place for 200 closests friends and relatives. Per Gessle is one of the guest and came to the castle at 7.15 PM local time with his wife Åsa. For pictures visit Expressen, Aftonbladet, SvD, SVT, Italehi,

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  1. If you find any new pictures or a clip, please inform us here or in RXB comment section. Thanks!

  2. Per and Åsa’s friendship to Victoria & Daniel is probably based on much more relaxed meetings. The official events at the Palace should be pretty exciting, even for a celeb! Nice car, Maserati Quattroporte… 8)

    Edit: I thought this IS the RXB comment section… 😛

  3. Nice find! It’s kinda hard to understand this part via Google translation:

    “After dinner the party started for real. Per Gessle surprised with a newly written song.
    – It was specially made just for this evening. The song was a bit of Sindbis and then they met and fell in love, “says one of the festival participants.
    – There will be a specially written song for the wedding but it is still secret. ”

    I suppose this song was Swedish? What means Sindbis? And the other “specially written song for the wedding” – does this also focus on Gessle (Roxette) or the rumored Andersson song?

  4. Sascha, you translated the town’s name!!! 🙂 Ockelbo is a little municipality where Daniel Westling, Vicotria’s fiance lived with his parents :)) And I suppose this is the news and it should be on the front page! Don’t have time at the moment – who will do it? 🙂

  5. Media from around the world comment that Gessle as Roxette star was there. It seems like, according to TDR, Per will sing a new ballad on the wedding. A new Roxette song?????????

  6. Will do. So the song is partly about Ockelbo? I didn’t translate anything, it was original google… 😉

  7. Yep, that what it says – it about the small town where Daniel grew up + how they felt in love. Quite tacky, but it’s typical Gessle I suppose. Would love to hear this ballad though. Hope we will get a new Rox track tonight + The look 🙂

  8. Thank you for the great intvestigative work. I was on vacation and surely missed a lot during the last days but thanks to RXB I can find it here! You’re fantastic!!! I appreciate it very much 🙂

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