25 thoughts on “Roxette on the wedding day – June 19th.”

  1. wow thanks for the pix and links.

    Well the woman next to Per just might be the dinner partner for the evening cause everyone got a different dinner partner yesterday evening. Per and Åsa had to sit seperated from each other…like all the other couples too

  2. what a weird thing to do, to separate the couples :S It might have “networking” as reason but still, kinda weird. What if your partner is a pain in the… 😛

  3. Seemed that Åsa had a lot of fun. She was shown more often than Per and she was talking ALL THE TIME to the man next to her. All I understood from the comments SVT made was that Per was sitting next to a politician…..maybe not that exciting? I have no idea..it was weird that it got broadcasted somehow but I couldn’t resist watching. The speeches have been so nice too!!

  4. One more thing. The headline where I found it is a bit further down below. There’s Per’s photo and it’s enough to clock on it to get an array of photos of the guests.

  5. New image for Snowfish. Marie, preparing for appearances before the Princess Victoria. Have a nice day – Roxetteweb

  6. @Kamila
    This picture comes from June 17th, from a party at Drottnigholm – not from the wedding day nor the day before June 18th 🙂

  7. @Tomos85

    I thought it was from the wedding day as Asa is wearing the silver dress. She had a black one at the royal ball. Never mind the dates. 🙂

  8. Floppy, the picture you have sent comes from the wedding day – June 19th indeed. The link that Kamila posted here was from June 17th. Check it out once again and you will see that it was Drottningholm ball. So still no misunderstanding 🙂

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