Marie Fredriksson: “They loved our show” (18.06.2010)

Marie and Per were interviewed by Aftonbladet journalist just after the performance on June 18th. “It was just wonderful to sing “The Look”, tells Marie to Aftonbladet, “Victoria and Daniel were both so “ooh”, they loved it. Victoria is absolutely fantastic and I am so happy that she likes us”. Per also thought it was a “top class performance”and that it was a fantastic evening, “now I’m going home to recharge myself with a little sleep,” he tells Aftonbladet.

Marie Fredriksson and her husband were also asked by Aftonbladet TV reporter about their impression of Victoria and Daniel. Marie answered that she is happy that Victoria likes Roxette so much and Daniel’s reaction for Roxette’s performance was just “ooh”. You can see pictures of the performance on Aftonbladet.


Source: Aftonbladet

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  1. Yeah, but the left pic is pretty dark and warm over all. Yellow/green hair anyone? You see how much difference the flash makes on the right one.

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