Roxette at the reception – 19.06.2010

Here is the list of songs that Roxette played at the reception on June 19th:

1. Om du bara vill
2. The look
3. Listen to your heart
4. Joyride

5. It must have been love

Per also sent a message to TDR, which you can read here: “Sensational party!“. “Dressed for Success “, which we saw rehearsing on Snowfish, was also performed.

Thanks for the information to Evgeny Perekopskiy.

4 thoughts on “Roxette at the reception – 19.06.2010”

  1. It must have been love…at a wedding…well..let’s hope that the love between Daniel and Viktoria will last forever. 🙂 Roxette should write more positive Love ballads. 🙂

  2. I would have chosen FLAF, AU or MATAH as it’s more about being in love. But maybe they haven’t rehearsed enough outside the big 4 yet..?

  3. it’s the same they played at NOTP 😉 I don’t think they have rehearsed THAT long, so this must have been easiest for Marie AND people know this one. LTYH is about breaking up too..

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