The Race Legends event with Roxette gig cancelled!

According to an article, the upcoming The Race Legends event at Anderstorp raceway got cancelled due to financial problems of the organizers. It was meant to be the biggest event for the site since the 70s. As the article states, Roxette’s gig at the raceway doesn’t survive the failure. An official press release by organizer Urban Stamming about this issue is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday.

The Race Legends organisation was marked with confusion and failures from the beginning. There was a public dispute about the accepted ticket resellers.

4 thoughts on “The Race Legends event with Roxette gig cancelled!”

  1. Please don’t panic yet! Let’s wait what the press release brings tomorrow. Maybe Roxette and Live Nation can rescue a stand-alone concert..?

  2. Enough said, when you see that the information is from this morning and they are not able to comment sooner than tomorrow. 😉

  3. Don’t want to comment this one. for the very first time in a long time i’m speechless. hope LN w/ Roxette will have a good solution for us all. Or at least reimburment for tickets.

  4. From

    “We need to have all relevant information before making a statement so if everybody could please just have some patience while we figure things out.” – Marie Dimberg, Manager of Roxette.

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