Roxette to play in Halmstad on August 14th – instead of Anderstorp!!

We just got following press release from Live Nation:


Roxette’s concert on August 14th has been moved to Brottet in Halmstad. The reason for this is that the 3-day event “The Race Legends” in Anderstorp Raceway has been cancelled due to financial problems of the organisers.

Since more than 9000 tickets had already been sold, Roxette has decided together with Live Nation, to move the concert to Brottet in Halmstad. The bought tickets are still valid for the concert and more will be released on July13th.

“We were very surprised when we heard that the Anderstorp weekend had been cancelled since the ticket sales had been so good. We know that many fans from around the world had bought tickets and in order not to disappoint them, we will play in Brottet in Halmstad and we will offer a firework of hits in the halland summer grass,” say Marie and Per from Roxette.

Tickets for the concert in Brottet in Halmstad will cost 500 SEK plus service fee and will be sold via, Ticnet 077-170 70 70.

Tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad.

Update, July 10th

ONLY concert tickets bought for the concert in Anderstorp will be valid for the concert in Halmstad, NOT race tickets!

Also note, additional tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticnet, NOT

If you have questions regarding the concert and the tickets, contact

6 thoughts on “Roxette to play in Halmstad on August 14th – instead of Anderstorp!!”

  1. still unclear if RACE tickets will be valid, my guess is they won’t, since they were sold directly by Race Legends organisation. We will see.

  2. Perfect solution for all the Rox fans! 😀 Actually this looks better than the original plans. Wish I could go there. Thank you, Roxette & management, you’re great! 🙂

  3. Please keep us updated about the Race Tickets!!!! I’m still nervous. I really wanna hear it from this Race people!!!

  4. Tis is wonderful! Can’t find the words…so great!!
    They are so great! Halmstad is so much better than Andersorp!
    It’s not sure that I can go, but I’d LOVE to be there.
    It’d be great if they would record the Halmstad concert on dvd!

  5. And I have a problem here… If they decide to sign down the names of the people who bought 3day tickets does it mean we will need id\passports? How will they identify? The problem is that the tickets I have were bought by a girl who is not going. Should she write somewhere to change the names?

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