The Halmstad concert moved to Marknadplatsen

According to Halland Posten, Live Nation decided to move Roxette concert once again – this time from Brottet till Marknadsplatsen. More than 3,000 tickets sold our in less than 30 minutes (24 minutes to be exact – according to Metro) and the previous venue could not take more people.

It is still unsure if Marknadplatsen means “Stora torg” or not.

Update: Marknadplatsen appears to be the big empty ground right of the mark: Google map

Update, July 15: According to new reports it’s this place under the spot near Picasso Park, where also the Halmstad Marinfestival is located.

The place in concert use: Marinfestival map and info

5 thoughts on “The Halmstad concert moved to Marknadplatsen”

  1. “It is still unsure if Marknadplatsen means “Stora torg” or not.”
    What else? Now I’m waiting for movement to Örjans Vall… 😉

  2. Updated with a map! I think I already walked across that place. In 2007 it was sort of wild parking/camping ground.

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