Ozzy Osbourne: “Who the f*ck is Gessle?”

Ozzy Osbourne, the ex-member of Black Sabbath and one of the world’s most famous heavy metal singers, said that he likes Roxette but at the same time wondering “Who the fuck is Gessle?!”. He will perform at the Globe on September 7th 2010.

If you have any idea from which interview this quote comes from, I will be greatful for any information.

Source: Expressen

5 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne: “Who the f*ck is Gessle?””

  1. Who the f*ck is Osbourne?????? Yeah, I can be cruel if someone dares to touch people I adore!!

  2. who the hell is he, he cannot sing , and certanly his performances are of very bad taste. the band could be very famouse, but that of course is just marketing. i learn about his music and he sucks. i think you shouldn´t bring this news here. i don´t care what this “clown” says about per.

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