Vikunja – The second supporting act for Halmstad concert

Vicunja, a band from Halmstad, was founded in 2006 and consists of Alex Hansson (vocals), Johan Israelsson (guitar), Joakim Persson (bass) and Martin Larsson (drums). After appearances in Nalen in Stockholm and at the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge Vicunja released a video for the song “Some People“.

Theirs music has been described as a cross between ABBA and Nirvana.

More music at MySpace or YouTube. Vikunka also have their own website which you can check out here!


1 thought on “Vikunja – The second supporting act for Halmstad concert”

  1. OMG! Two great artists so far… I just watched the video ‘Some People’ and I really loved it… then when it came to the tattoo and it said ‘Lucy Forever’ I just smiled to myself… what a coincidence… I think I am going to enjoy these at the show more than the previous announcement! You should also check out the track ‘Running In Circles’ it’s really catchy!

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