3 thoughts on “Interview with Linnea Olsson from Paintbox”

  1. “We will definitely play all our songs.” Good to know, that it only exists one album yet. Otherwise this could become a veeeeeeerrrryyy looooooooong festival.

    I’m only joking. I’m curious about their life performance. Also about the second supporting act Vikunja. Both seems to be a good choice 🙂

  2. LOL, yeah that sounded strange, I visited the link to Hallandsposten, and the quote should read:
    “we will definitely do our own thing all the way” – and not “we will definitely play all our songs”. Just a little mistake in the translation. 🙂

    (also, the “…vague sound in the background” should read “…ambient/floating sounds in the background…”)


  3. “köra vår grej fullt ut” – I’ve just interpreted that “var grej” as “our songs” cos, for me, “things” sounded strange in this interview. Anyway, thanks for tips! 🙂

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