Reimbursement of The Race Legends tickets?

We got an interesting message from Andreas Kämpf regarding The Race Legends tickets

I got a phone call from Caroline Jepson from TRL last Thursday. She asked me if I want to change my racetickets to Roxette-tickets or if I want to give the tickets back and cancel my hotelbooking. Since I have new tickets for Halmstad I canceled the whole Anderstorp package. She sent me an e-mail and I replied with my bank account details. Now she will transfer the money I payed back into my German bank-account. I expect the money in the next days and will keep you informed.

5 thoughts on “Reimbursement of The Race Legends tickets?”

  1. I got an email with the same message asking for a refund to my credit card. I expect my cc statement early August. I will keep you posted.

  2. I got my credit card receipt today. Big Tours refunded the full hotel price as well as the price for the ticket!!!! (Thanks to the exchange rate, I even got a bit more back than I had initially paid in February, lol.)

  3. Lucky you. Unfortunately this only works when you have booked via BigTours (because of an accommodation). Still no sign of getting the money back when you have booked the 3-days-ticket only via TheRaceLegends directly.

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