6 thoughts on “Russian musician inspired by Roxette’s “It must have been love” video”

  1. I don’t know Russian. Evgeny? If it’s a parody, then the title should be changes, but it sounds to me as a “normal song”.

  2. I didn’t listen yet, but it doesn’t only copy the visual style, there’s also a copy of Marie, Julia (film scenes!) and more. 😉

  3. Tomasz, this isn’t parody at all. The clipmaker made several videos based on real video clips by other musicians.
    So it’s not a Russian version of ‘Pretty Woman’. It’s just a song with a video based on the Roxette clip.
    The group, Belyj Oryol (White Eagle), was very popular in the mid 90’s. And this song was quite popular in 1997. It’s called ‘Ya kuplyu tebe novuyu zhizn’ (“I’ll buy you a new life’). So as you can see it has something in common with the plot of the ‘Pretty Woman’ film.

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