Update Friday 13 August: don’t forget! See you at Leif’s tonight! The party starts today 🙂

Hotel Tylösand confirmed there will be a special Roxette menu (different meals to choose from) today and tomorrow. I also asked them to play extra Rox&Co music tonight, I was told it would be done 🙂 /J

Published on July 30th:

As many of you know since Roxette announced their plans to now perform in fabulous Halmstad instead of Anderstorp many fans that were not going are now going. So Halmstad is without a doubt going to be one big party fest! So in order to get the party started for Saturday evening, some fans came up with the idea to organise an unofficial meet & greet event at Leif’s Lounge in Hotel Tylösand on Friday August 13th, if you have not had the pleasure to check out the charming place that is Leif’s Lounge then now is your chance to come on down and meet some of the other fans, check out the fabulous Roxette memorabilia that is on display and buy a drink in the bar to increase Per’s profits! 🙂

We’re currently waiting to hear back on whether or not they will put on the special Roxette menu for the evening, for that there has to be more than 25 people… we expect more than 25 somehow! 😉

So C’mon join the joyride everybody…

Poster designed by the fabulous Dany who is currently somewhere in the sky on her way to Sweden!