Tour 2010: Halmstad, August 14h

Published August 13th, edited August 17th and August 21st

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* Dressed For Success
* Sleeping In My Car
* Opportunity Nox
* Wish I Could Fly
* She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
* 7Twenty7
* Perfect Day
* Things Will Never Be The Same
* It Must Have Been Love
* The Big L
* Silver Blue
* Fading Like a Flower
* How Do You Do!
* Dangerous
* Joyride

* Listen To Your Heart
*The Look

Extra II (with Gyllene Tider):
* Juni, juli, augusti (GT)
* Sommartider (GT)
* När alla vännerna gått hem (Roxette and GT)

Fan stories


by MrSugardad: The Look, Dangerous, Sommartider, by TicoTorres: Things will never be the same, by Legenden81:  The Look, Sommartider, Juni juli augusti, by Paalm: Dressed for success, It must have been love, by flygaruffe: Juni juli augusti

Since there are lots of videos to this show, we won’t post all of them here. Just read the comments from our users (thanks for helping us out with searching for links!!!) below, or go to R2R’s forum topic “Live in Halmstad”, user Russian has posted an endless list of videos 🙂


Roxette’s comments

Thanx for yesterday. A truly magic night that we’ll never forget. Rox were great, GT were great, the crowd was awesome!!!! Cheers, P.

Media reports

Big Hallandsposten interview with Per, you can find the translation on DailyRoxette | Halmstad is dressed for success | Video report from the queue from Hallandsposten | Reviews:  Sydsvenskan, Sydsvenskan Blog, Lahomstidning, Aftonbladet, HD, BT


The issue with the tickets seems to have been solved, as articles report everybody got in.

Gyllene Tider joined Roxette on stage during the second extra and as you can see above, performed Juni, juli, augusti and Sommartider, to then be joined by Marie and Roxette’s band to play “När alla vännerna gått hem.

This must have been the concert with more international fans in the audience. There were at least 80, surely front row. Per spoke a special greeting for them, in English.

45 thoughts on “Tour 2010: Halmstad, August 14h”

  1. Hello,

    I was hoping for some clarification on the setlist – there is a video on youtube that is unedited and starts with the end of “The Big L.” and then goes into Per introducing “Silver Blue”
    As this differs from the list that is currently posted, Is there any way of confirming the correct order for Halmstad?

    Many thanks 🙂

  2. I actually can’t even remember the setlist properly. All I know is that Dangerous was played after How do you do and LTYH and The Look came as the first bonus.. and the show started with DFS and SIMC. The rest…hmm..

  3. yeah another video confirmed the IMHBL, Big L, Silver Blue order…it makes sense they moved it after dropping the two Per songs. otherwise there would have been four ballads back to back.

    I never remember setlists exactly but the brilliant thing about technology nowadays means that almost the entire show has been recorded and posted online (over 100 different videos from this show alone on youtube).

    the only song seriously missing material is “Opportunity Nox” (the second half is nowhere to be found). A few other songs (such as FLAF and SDLH) are missing a second or two from the beginning or end of the song – but the rest is pretty much up there, including the bits between songs!

  4. Yes, The Big L. was before Silver Blue. You’re right. I’ve changed the order.

    My friend recorded the whole Opportunity nox

    We HAVE TO make a bootleg (audio & video). I’m sure we will – I got some information that there are a lot of HQ footage, so I do hope we will work something out 🙂

  5. tomos85 you are an ANGEL! (and your friend as well)

    I am excited to hear that more HD footage may surface at some point. I am so upset that I couldn’t go to Europe for these shows and a desperately collecting every last clip from these concerts…particularly Halmstad which has to be one of the greatest Rox concerts EVER (I am shocked they did not record it professionally for DVD)

    If a tour does go ahead next year, I will have to bite the bullet and lie, beg, steal, WHATEVER to see them. I saw them live in Canada back in 92, but my dream is to see them again and hopefully attend a meet-and-greet to tell them how important their music has been to me….

    these past two years have been so exciting for Roxette…it’s overwhelming…in a good way 🙂

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