Arrival in Halmstad and one day left until the show. Fortunately we read about the “Kung av Tylösand” exhibition in Söndrum’s library and decided to go there. We saw around 30-40 pictures from the past – mostly from Per’s solo tour in 2003 and the Crash!Boom!Bang tour in 1994 – taken by Dan Karlsson.

Fortunately we didn’t have to pay any entrance fee because it wouldn’t have been worth it. The pictures didn’t reveal any new motives, persons, situations – whatever. So after we saw five or six we knew there wouldn’t be anything new to watch and laughed about the fact that they sold the photos for 1200 SEK (more expensive pictures cost 3000 SEK). I could win a contest promising that every long-term-fan has better photos on his/her computer. For those who couldn’t go: you didn’t miss a thing – maybe a good laugh about the high and totally unrealistic prices. If you have any good Gessle photos on your compter you should try to sell them somewhere, you could maybe make a killing..

Here you see some pictures taken at the exhibition by myself.