Meet & greet in Halmstad on August 14th

So yes, it did happened. The Daily Roxette with organized a little meet and greet with Roxette just after Roxette’s concert in Halmstad on August 14th. If you were at Leif’s Lounge on August 13th, you had a chance to win this unforgettable occasion to meet Marie and Per and see a little bif of the backstage.

Here’s the little clip from the meeting.

It’s not perfect, I know, but well, I hope at least that you enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Meet & greet in Halmstad on August 14th”

  1. Hej, thank you for sharing, I enjoyed watching it very much! It seems that it had to be a great experiance for you!!
    Mr.G. made a funny face when one of the girls hugged him…. 😉

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