“BEST OF ROXETTE – OFFICIAL SONG BOOK” (previously known as “Best of Roxette”) is due for release next month by Swedish publishing company Gehrmans Musikförlag. Gehrmans Musikförlag wants to present this book during Gothenburg Book Fair (September 23rd-26th) and then to start distirbuting it a week later. Furthemore, the book got a new cover – designers used the backdrop picture from 2010 Roxette tour.

The book is designed as the 2010 remasters. You can see a sample page with “Fading like a flower” notes here. There will be 30 Roxette songs of which 11 were never published in this form before.

The book will cost around 300-400 SEK in Sweden and will include many Roxette pictures as well as new liner notes from Per Gessle.

You can order the new version of this song book on Gehrmans’ website –

Source: Gehrmans Musikförlag


  1. love the cover, love the idea of having this book (it’s long overdue) but the sample pdf of FLAF doesn’t leave me hopeful as the piano introduction is not accurate…

  2. What’s wrong there? Is not accurate? Why? Maybe because it’s just the sample of the real book…

  3. the melody is right but the actual piano part for the right hand is missing some harmony notes…maybe it’s just supposed to be a very simple arrangement.
    the sheet produced by Cherry Lane in the 90s is much more accurate.

    not a huge deal, it still sounds like the soung (and I already know how to play the intro anyways) 😉

  4. i’m not sure how to explain it properly…i’m very musical but bad at explaining theory 🙂

  5. Some songbooks from the early roxette era had wrong tabs in some songs, but this seems to be officially revised by Per himself, it shouldn’t contain mistakes

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