New interview: “Maybe we’ll tour in Europe, South America and Canada”

And there’s yet another Per interview from Russia! Some interesting bits:

– Roxette aims to tour in Europe, South America and Canada.
– They already recorded a dozen tracks and should be finished in a few weeks.
– Per thinks Marie recovered so well not least thanks to the love for music and desire to sing.

Source (in Russian): RBC daily

17 thoughts on “New interview: “Maybe we’ll tour in Europe, South America and Canada””

  1. CANADA?!?!?!?!!!!!

    if this happens (and I don’t die of a heart attack) I am swearing right here that I will follow them to every single Canadian date they play.

    I don’t think i’m going to sleep tonight…

  2. Canada was always more European (and more Rox-friendly) than US and that’s why Per & co consider such tour next year. But well, everything depends on a demand for Roxette gigs. If the album will be okay and the sale will be okay, so why not to tour more.

    South America and South Africa should get a proper tour after… hmmm… 15 years of waiting. Even if it will be a small-scale comeback without big arena gig. Don’t really remember how big was South Africa’s arenas in 2001 tour which were later cancelled?

  3. They just ask more or less good questions and Per G. is eager to give a lot of interesting informations 🙂

  4. OMG OMG OMG *—*
    Today is my birthday, and read this article was my biggest gift.


  5. Sascha wrote:
    “Than I hope Canada isn’t an error in the Google translation! ;)” *lol*

    Sometimes when I’ve been using Google Translate I’ve experiences that Google swaps around the word Greenland with the word Canada!…… 😉

  6. If this is true I hope to see you in my country PERU!
    It is one of my biggest dreams to know, because when they came in 1995, I was 5 years old and could not go.
    Now I have 19 years of age and love you and I wish to go to one of his concerts

  7. The translation is correct
    ?????e means Canada
    He also confirms what we know early that the album will be classic Roxette album –with touching ballds from Marie and with well know guitar sound.

  8. Fantastic news……Rox are long overdue in Canada!!! Last time they were here in Canada was in ’95 during the promotion of “Don’t Bore Us….”. I’ll be there every step of the way once again — just like in ’92 and ’95 in Toronto 🙂

  9. Roxette has only toured Canada ONCE, wayyyyy back in 1992, and I was there (thank god!)

    They have come here a lot for interviews over the years but a concert is long overdue IMHO 🙂

  10. Roxette toured here in Canada in 1992 only…however, they were last here in 1995 to promote “Don’t Bore Us…” in Toronto and Montreal. Was great to see them in Toronto both times 🙂

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