2010 tour bootleg: “From Russia with love” (Moscow, audio)

I was a little bit anxious to post bootlegs from 2010 tour, but since we got an official ok from The Man through Twitter, so it became just question of time with which bootleg to start with? As for now there are at least 3 bootlegs circulating over the internet and at least 2 more I know that will be available soon. I have decided to choose the one with the best quality. The recordings come from the concert which took place in Moscow on September 10th, 2010. It was recorded and mixed by Jacob “Rocktrades”.

Equipment: AT943 cardioid –> CA-9100 (no bass roll-off) –> Edirol R-09 (Line-in 24bit/44.1kHz)
Lineage: USB transfer to PC -> Adobe Audition v.3.0 (slight EQ applied, normalised, dithering to 16/44) -> CDWave for track splits -> Flac Frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

DISC 1 (48:53):
01. Dressed For Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. Opportunity Nox
04. The Big L.
05. Wish I Could Fly
06. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
07. 7Twenty7
08. Perfect Day
09. Thing Will Never Be The Same
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. Silver Blue

DISC 2 (43:04):
01. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
02. How Do You Do!
03. Dangerous
04. Band introduction
05. Joyride
– Encore 1 –
06. Listen To Your Heart
07. The Look
08. Church Of Your Heart
– Encore 2 –
09. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

The artwork of the bootleg was designed by Arnaldo Mariano Suarez.


16 thoughts on “2010 tour bootleg: “From Russia with love” (Moscow, audio)”

  1. that is good to know! i have dowload the audio and it is excellent! , thank to the guys who recorded and uploaded it. best regards to all!!

  2. I like the artwork too… 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this ….. I’ve downloaded the file and I can say that the audio of this compilation of the concert in Russia is EXCELLENT!!!

    THANKS 🙂

  3. An amazing recording of an amazing performance. I still get goosebumps every time I listen to Perfect Day – what a beautiful version, well done Marie!! As I’ve said b4, I really hope we get a DVD/Blu-ray of this tour (with the GT gig as a bonus feature hehe) cause I really think this is Rox at their best (IMO). Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  4. uh…where the heck did the audio come from!?! LOL
    I don’t care…it’s sounds awesome – i’m glad to have it. If the source is from the audience then the remixing is phenomenal…but it sounds suspiciously like soundboard 😉

    the cover and title of the boot is fantastic too, great work. best boot in YEARS.

    here’s hoping similar recordings surface from St. Petersburg and if I’m being really greedy, Stavanger 🙂

  5. You don’t have to have access to the soundboard if you have a good equipment. I’m sure this person who recorded is a professionalist in recording such bootlegs. So it wasn’t a fan, rather a master of bootlegs 🙂

  6. thanks for the artwork. i would like to know how to print it to fix in a box?. i have a program that do this however it works with only a picturea a the time. do i have to cut and separate the images.? best regards.

  7. Specifications Inlay & Cover Printing:

    DISC: There are many software applications that fit the picture according to the Printer.
    CD BOOKLETS: 120 mm x 240 mm.
    Rear CD INLAY: 118 mm x 150 mm.
    (The first 6mm and the last 6mm of the 150mm are the spines that print down the sides of the inlay)

    I would suggest you to go to a Photocopying shop and make them print according to the specifications above.

    Hope it helps

  8. The link to the artwork doesn’t work anymore. Does anyone know why? Could someone send me a copy? Thanks!

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