2010 tour bootleg: Moscow, video

So it’s another day and another bootleg. It will be hard to beat yesterday’s live album with any other audio recording that I have, so today I chose a video bootleg for a change. It was recorded in – suprise, suprise – Moscow! So Russians did it again. Not only recorded the concert in a very good quality, but someone (was he/she Russian?) recoreded this nice, sometimes a little bit shaky and too-many-heads-on-the-screen video. Not everything is there (Kalinka-Malina is missing for instance), but well, you cannot have everything, can you?

What can I say? It’s just worth watching. And if you know the person who did this, please let us know – we would like to write it was You, Dear Fan (though no money for copyrights, sorry 🙂

If you have any creative idea how to call it or what kind of cover it should have, please feel free and drop a line in the comment section!

See the screenshots from the recording


You will download 2 torrent files. There are two versions of this video bootleg. One is over 4 GB and it is divided into separate songs, the second one is smaller, about 1.5 GB and everything is in one part. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “2010 tour bootleg: Moscow, video”

  1. IS FANASTIC!! but….Please could you tell me if I need any special program to download these files, because I was alone I could download a file named: DVD_Torrent.rar (37.6 mb), and in that file there are 2 files not recognized my computer.
    If I need some special program ….. Could you tell me the name of that program?
    Please HELP!…. I want those video! 🙂

  2. thanks whoever uploads and keeps the torrent alive!!!!
    hey tomasz, you should upload the party crasher live in poland dvd!

  3. @Arnaldo

    I would love to put this bloody “Gessle over Poland” bootleg DVD on the internet, but we still have some minor PROBLEMS with that (gosh, it’s over a year we work on that!). I’m only a supervisor, don’t know much about editing videos. But I do hope it will happen someday and everyone will be able to enjoy this little bootleg masterpiece (though, if you listen to audio bootleg that I posted few months ago, quality differs from track to track 🙂 So patience is a virtue, I suppose 😉

  4. the cover dvd is great but I would change some minor detailes: the date 2007 for 2010, remove the LionsGate logo and definitely the “for language, some sexual content and a scene of violene” warning. The design is perfect!

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