“Best of Roxette – Official songbook” – a tracklist

The official songbook will be released this week on September 23rd by Gehrmans. So far we know 27 out of 30 songs. You can order this book in Gehrmans webshop or through Bengans.se (the official partner of Roxette.se)

from “Pearls of passion”
01. Neverending love
02. Soul deep

03. It must have been love

from “Look sharp!”
04. Dressed for success
05. Listen to your heart
06. The look
07. Dangerous

from “Joyride”
08. Joyrde
09. Fading like a flower
10. The big L.
11. Spending my time
12. Church of your heart

from “Tourism”
13. How do you do!
14. Queen of rain

from “Super Mario Bros” OST
15. Almost unreal

from “Crash! Boom! Bang!”
16. Sleeping in my car
17. Crash! Boom! Bang!
18. Run to you
19. Vulnerable

from “Don’t bore us – get to the chorus”
20. You don’t understand me
21. June afternoon

from “Have a nice day”
22. Wish I could fly
23. Anyone
24. Stars
25. Salvation

from “Room service”
26. The centre of the heart
27. Real sugar
28. Milk and toast and honey

from “The Ballad Hits”
29. A thing about you
30. Opportunity nox

Check Gehrmans out!

17 thoughts on ““Best of Roxette – Official songbook” – a tracklist”

  1. …the new single? Wouldn’t it be fun to get the notes before the actual recording? 😛

    No seriously, did they always announce in the right order? Then I guess it’s ATAY. Otherwise we could get another CBB or DBU song instead of the latest singles.

  2. Yep, everything was in the order, so it could be as Sascha says – some other songs from CBB or DBU could make the list.

  3. nice to see “Pearls Of Passion” represented for once. i know the RoxBox got a few tracks but I had always thought “Neverending Love” should have found it’s way onto ONE of the compilations 🙂

  4. I’d pick the same.

    Funny how Fireworks was left out again! Strange that Per didn’t erase it from the CBB remaster! 😛

  5. You forgot Opportunity nox which seems to be a favourite one of Per.

    So it could be like ATAY, ON, OW 🙂 Or maybe they will skip OW and put MATAH? Hmmm…

  6. I guess it’s OW. Commercially far more successful and they have every album represented. (TBH/TPH seen as one)

  7. That’s not a surprise. Even if OW charted slightly better (because it was not a monster hit either), it’s a quite cheap and almost laughable track if compared with ON. I consider it one of the dullest Roxette singles ever… (specially in terms of lyrics).

    Btw, I am glad ON is having its chance now and being played live. It deserved a lot more airplay in 2003, I think it had potential to be a hit, if properly promoted.

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