20 thoughts on “Roxette portrait by Ekaterina Belinskaya”

  1. Reminds me of some pics from the “Pearls of Passion” era, where they are also staring at the camera with such a serious expression in their faces: a very classy portrait. I wish the artwork of the new album could be something like this…

  2. I love Marie’s cool expression, her strong photoshoot look after all the rather “random” pics of the last years!

  3. Sascha: That’s exactly what capures my heart on this picture. It’s Marie’s look, her expression and the way she sits. It looks majestic and somehow royal, like a queen.. 😉

  4. In Ekaterina’s web there is also a picture of Per with his guitar . Go into Music section and click on the Roxette photo 🙂

  5. very cool picture!

    i would say: ekaterina should shoot the new pictures for the album sleeve and i am doing the graphic design for the upcoming release. my 1st suggestions of a new roxette-logo can be found here http://twitpic.com/2i4puz


    have a nice weekend!

  6. Kiwein: Yes!! 😀

    joy-rider: I like #1 and #3 of your proposals. While I love logos (am a graphic-designer myself, did the RXB logo) have to say that I prefer album covers without logotype. Rather a nice, clean typeface for that and let a great picture work!

  7. Great photo!! YES! And a great talent! BUT..she wants to have 100 $ for it!! Uff..No thanks…No way! But it was worth to try it! I should become a photographer! 100 $ per photo…hmmm..not bad..

  8. Chrissie, is 300$ so really expensive? Photographers sell photos to newspapers, magazines, TV-stations, so it has to cost. It won’t be just 10 bucks 🙂 And it’s not so easy to make living out of it, so 100$ is quite fair imho. You don’t sell thousands of pictures every day, so one picture had to be so costy.

  9. I wouldn’t compare her photos with photos from photographers working for maybe a local newspaper. I can tell you the photographers working for the newspaper I work for really only get 10 bucks for one photo. 😉 But they sell around 3-6 photos every day.

    But she isn’t working for a newspaper and must sell her stuff this way so I guess she maybe doesn’t know that it’s probably just a bit too much to ask for. I never would pay $ 100 for a photo.

  10. 100 $ for a standard copy, a big print or maybe the right to use it commercially as a stock photo? The latter are often sold for around 400 Euro from premium sources…

  11. ChrissieR, you had talk with my manager and maybe not correct ?xplain for what you need the Big version without copyrighting notice. pls Explain it to me on my personal mail – info@ekaterinabelinskaya.com
    And, I didnt think that it posibble to sell Thise pix, it’s under copyrighting Roxette and my. How you whant to use it?!!

  12. She wrote that I can get a high resolution file to print it.
    …well..of course I know that photographers have to earn money but this photo is not that much worth for me.
    It was worth to ask. But I don’t spend so much money for just ONE photo. Tsssssss
    If any other wants to do it well…do it..maybe we can collect some money and seperate it and then share the file…;) But I even don’t have any idea how she would like to get the money. I would only pay with pay pal to people I don’t know

  13. Who did this fantastic black / White pic of Per and Marie last year backstage? Was it Visa Kopu? It was used everywhere suddenly. I wonder what he earned with it! I hope it was 100 $ per pic too!! 🙂

  14. WOW 🙂 This is really a very nice photo.
    Per and Marie look excellent and I also remind the photo album “Pearls of Passion” in black and white

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