Roxette Lyrics Studio for iPhone is not official Roxette release.


The Roxette iPhone app called Roxette Lyrics Studio is not offical or approved by Roxette and will therefore be removed from iTunes.

Here is the message from Krystian Szczodrowski that we got the other day.

Good news for all Apple fans. Roxette APP is available on your iPhone. So don’t waste your time searching countless websites for Roxette ‘s lyrics. Roxette Lyrics Studio it’s official, authorized and licensed lyrics for all Roxette songs. Roxette Lyrics Studio features lyrics and videos of Roxette’s coolest tracks. You can learn every word of Roxette’s best songs and sing along with his videos on iPhone, iPod, iPad.


• Viewing: watch YouTube videos with the Roxette Lyrics Studio
• Favorites: add songs to a list of favorites
• Searching: search the Roxette Lyrics Studio by song names or lyrics
• Sharing: share with friends via Facebook, e-mail and SMS
• Status Updates: publish up to 150 characters of a lyric as your status on Facebook or Twitter
• Application updates: ongoing updates of the artist’s catalog


3 thoughts on “Roxette Lyrics Studio for iPhone is not official Roxette release.”

  1. I have bought it.. and I don’t like it at all… the lyrics are with strange characters, the videos does not correspond to the song (7twenty7 has the video of things will never be the same live), the official videos are not available (tcoth, one wish, etc…)
    Also the initial picture it’s with bad quality with the colours like gradient…
    And the story about roxette it’s incomplete and wrong..

    Also, it does not have all the songs, and some videos link to the video of the demo (like beautiful things).. and it does not have seduce me!!! (I love that song)

    An index is missing (you have to scroll all the songs to arrive at the song you are looking for)

    I know it’s cheap but… i think it should be better 😉

  2. Thanks for that info! Actually I saw that app some time ago but couldn’t be bothered to buy it. I think it’s a generic series for lots of artists. Don’t we know all the Roxette lyrics by heart? 😛

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