2010 tour bootleg: Stavanger, video

It was a windy and cold night in Norwegian Stavanger on August 21st when Roxette performed in front of over 8,000 people. In fact it was unforgettable evening even for nature as the beach where the gig took place was so destroyed during the concert that it is very probable that there will be no Summer Festival out there next year.

To quote Per G.

Truely magnificent gig in Stavanger. Thanx everyone for making life sweet!!!!

Marie was great. Her hi-lites were Halmstad, Stavanger and St. Peter.

Spanish fan team decided to record everything on tape (high quality one! :), but there was some minor problems and that is the reason why the first two songs – “Dressed for success” and “Sleeping in my car” are missing. Anyway – sweet sixteen from Stavanger only for you on RXB.

81:12 – 6.96GB

1. Opp?rtunity nox
2. The Big L.
3. Wish I could fly
4. She doesn’t live here anymore
5. 7twenty7
6. Perfect Day
7. Things will never be the same
8. It must have been love
9. Silver blue
10. Fading like a flower
11. How do you do!
12. Dangerous
13. Joyride

14. Listen to your heart
15. The look
16. Church of your heart

MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×720 50.00fps [Video]
Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo [Audio]

To avoid problems with torrents, Spaniards uploaded all the clips on megaupload service. It’s almost 7 GB!

“Fading like a flower” stright from this video bootleg:

14 thoughts on “2010 tour bootleg: Stavanger, video”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I got this message by part 6
    Het bestand dat u probeert te downloaden is tijdelijk niet beschikbaar.

    I hope that i can complete the file, without part 6 i can’t do anythinng

  2. Thanks for sharing, but i can´t download Part 6 since 2 days.

    It´s not available, it says.

    Can someone send me this part?

  3. I have exactly the same problem, since whole day I try to download the last part – i can not! Is it possible to upload the 6th part once again? Will be nice 😉

  4. Great it finally worked! Yay! Only problem is once I downloaded them all & extracted them i can’t seem to find the files to watch it?? I have a mac can anyone help?? Thanks!

  5. Hi! I’m done with downloading, extracting the file and I find out that it’s 4,99 Gb, not 6,96 as mentioned.. Did anything went wrong? Does this video bootleg have any Menu?

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