Get ready for big Roxette news on November 2!

If you haven’t heard it yet – Roxette are teasing us on their official Twitter with the following text:

Looks like there will be some kind of Rox announcement on Nov 2! Stay tuned!

So if you had one wish, what would it be? Roxette recently finished recordings of their brand new studio album… and seem quite open to touring the globe in 2011… The announcements not so hard to guess! Get ready to celebrate!

Sources: Roxette on Twitter | Per Gessle on Facebook

Side note: Germany’s big concert ticket vendor Eventim features Roxette on their “Ticketalarm” section since a couple of days. They should have their sources…

Update: Same at And there’s a brand new pic at!

21 thoughts on “Get ready for big Roxette news on November 2!”

  1. Wah, they make my head go pop! 😀 It’s been such a long time we’ve been in such a nice sitation.

  2. txiqui also found out that the spanish livenation now features Roxette on their website, they didn’t a couple of days ago. And the picture is even new 🙂

  3. Oh yes! 🙂 Is Öticket the same as Eventim? Text and pic are the same. And I see used an unpublished Moscow pic, that has to be provided by Rox/d&d!

  4. It seems like all Live nation pages were updated (Polish included). So it can be more about forthcoming concert dates than a new album 🙂 Or… maybe Roxette will release an album on Live Nation Label – the same Madonna did???


    I Can´t wait!!!
    I really wanna know what they will say the 2 of Novembre….. 🙂

    Maybe…Will they do a world tour????? 😀

  6. Yes, that photo seems to be around at Live Nation worldwide. And since the promo pic (shot in Moscow, September 10) wasn’t published before I guess they just got it from Roxette (management).

    If any tour dates appear before next Tuesday someone hit the wrong button! 😛

  7. it is at least interesting that all these websites put on this ticket alert / info now.. “at once” 🙂 and some of them with the new picture, which they must have received from management..
    RBI at work.. Rox Bureau of Investigation 😉

  8. Wow, I really thought it would be to early for a tourannouncement. But now, that I see all those updated sites, I think we will get more than just a releasedate and the name of the single. Tschjuuuuuhuuuuu!!!

  9. Good God, I’ve only just recovered from August and have just spent two weeks in hospital and they are going to announce something else… give me a break guys! :p

  10. There is also a Roxette page on the Australian Live Nation page!! Would it be wrong of me to get my hopes up?? : P

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