First tour dates out: Poland and Lithuania.

Arnaldo Mariano Suarez found the first date of Roxette’s world tour 2011 on the web: March 14 at Siemens Arena in Vilnus, Lithuania. The information comes from the website Delfi. More dates are expected to be published today. Keep your eyes open and posting comments on this article.

December 31, 2010 – Lodz, Poland: open air New Year’s Eve Party
March 14, 2011- Vilnus, Lithuania. Location: Siemens Arena

Latest rumors reveal more *probable* dates:

1 March – Kazan Basket Hall, Russia
3 March – Samara MTL Arena, Russia
5 March – Ekaterinburg Palace of Sports, Russia
7 March – Novosibirsk Siberia Arena, Russia
……10 March – Kiev International Exhibition Center, Ukraine
12 March – Minsk Arena, Belarus
16 March – Riga Arena Riga, Latvia

26 thoughts on “First tour dates out: Poland and Lithuania.”

  1. Live Nation’s wesites were updated in the same time with a probable just one click, so it doesn’t have to mean anything. But well, hope Asia gets some gigs too, if Marie’s ready for such a tour, so why not? 😉

  2. There are NO Roxette (yet) pictures for Live Nation USA/Canada, Mexico, etc. So, that’s how I assumed the pics on those specific countries/region MUST mean something 😉

  3. Found some more dates at R2R:

    Frankfurt, Germany – December 2010 ( ?? )
    San Remo, Italy – February 14, 2011
    Viña del Mar, Chile – February 2011
    Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 2011
    Bucharest, Romania – August 2011


    Anybody who can confirm that?

  4. 1 Mar – Kazan Basket Hall, Russia
    3 Mar – Samara MTL Arena, Russia
    5 Mar – Ekaterinburg Palace of Sports, Russia
    7 Mar – Novosibirsk Siberia Arena, Russia
    10 Mar – Kiev International Exhibition Center, Ukraine
    12 Mar – Minsk Arena, Belarus
    14 Mar – Vilnius Siemens Arena, Lithuania
    16 Mar – Riga Arena Riga, Latvia

  5. More to be announced very soon. It seems like everything will be revealed in parts. More fun we will have 🙂

  6. I wonder what other ‘cultural mecca’ will follow Novosibirsk and Samara. Maybe Jan Mayen? Sorry, but it seems they’ve found the most weird places to give a performance…

  7. This is becoming so typical of Roxette… Lack of planning, lousy management, amateur promotion…

  8. Of course it’s not true. Releasing press releases around the world is a very coplicated operation and we have to accept the Live Nation rules and regulations. So please, live with that, be patient (I know it’s hard, but just try a little bit harder) as Marie and per want us to m…ake, trust me! And there will be a lot of joy for everyone 🙂

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