22 thoughts on “2011 Roxette World Tour ads”

  1. OMG no more ‘Greatest Hits’ in the title. Are they really so outdated? New album is on the way! Hope this is not the official title. Thank God at least for this ‘2011’ in the title. 😀

  2. I think greatest hits are the logical consequence, I guess Marie won’t be able to internalize the lyrics of many new songs that fast, as we know she knows the lyrics of the classical songs by heart 🙂 Perhaps they’ll play some new songs with Per’s vocals in the majority.

  3. No way it’s the name of this tour. Too long, too not-commercial, too not-Per. It’s rather a slogan, nothing more – to attract people who will see this. Anyway – I suppose all Live Nation chapters will follow this pattern and will use this poster as their own.

  4. Yes, already did and have good use for it… 😉

    Tomasz, you remember the name of Roxette’s latest compilation?

    Not really short either. I’ve seen the tour title on different sites now, while I’d prefer another name. :/

  5. @joy-rider: Agree, this your(?) picture looks really cool, with professional photo and nice and simple font (colours). And with LiveNation and other sponsors’s logos, with each town and gig place and with “Roxette2011 World Tour” title, this could be very very cool posters.

  6. When I read “ROXETTE – BACK WITH THEIR GREATEST HITS – 2011”, I thought, What they’re gonna release a new Greatest Hits again? I must be really tired 🙂

  7. Joy-Rider your version IS much better than the MLK one! This pic is far better and text should be short as possible. It’s not our choice though! Maybe at least the ugly frame belongs to MLK and won’t be seen anywhere else? 😛

  8. Hola,
    Please come back to Spain in special Andalucía-Málaga
    (Malaga is the capital of Marbella where recorded Roxette Have A Nice Day).
    Marie tiene una grande casa en España.
    In songs like Things Will Never Be The Same I wish the sound was like the album and the song Listen To Your Heart’s voice is like the end of Stavanger and St. Petersburg please.
    Sorry for my English.
    Kisses.Thank You
    I love Roxette.

  9. I think the more simple font you used in the previous versions suits it better than this curly font. This is my favourite until now: http://twitpic.com/344d5n

    In addition, I’d only change that brownish shade for another colour, maybe something a bit more… ¿alive?. And I would scrap the ‘Greatest Hits Comeback’ thing too (just a suggestion!) 🙂

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