Ask Per!

So now you have your own chance to ask Per Gessle about forthcoming album and world tour. Just write a question (or drop a line) in the comment section and we – RXB staff – will choose the best ones and will try to get a little more information on these issues from the Man.

Please, don’t ask Per if Roxette is going to visit your country/city, he’s an artist, not a touring agency. Thanks for your patience 🙂

We are waiting for your questions till November 6th… so you have just 24 hours!

67 thoughts on “Ask Per!”

  1. Gessle hello!

    we expect a ballad or something pop the first single from the album?

    thanks for too many good songs in my life! =)

  2. Hi Per, Fantastic news and very happy about everything Roxette are destine to acheive in there life time and just growing day-by-day!

    I hope we are going to get to see you in the United Kingdom or Istanbul (Turkey) during this world tour?

  3. Thanks for your questions. We have closed our “Ask Per!” and will choose q’s we like the most 🙂

    Per will answer these question as soon as he will find time to do so, so we have no idea when you expect answers 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot for your questions, some of them were very interesting! As tomos said, we’ll pick up some of them and send them to Per.
    Hope you will understand we cannot use all of them, we might use some of them in future interviews, maybe when the album is out or so 😉

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