Roxette is no 1 in Poland

The sale for Warsaw gig (June 19th, 2011) has just started today at 10 AM CET. Thanks to huge media coverage, Roxette is no 1 on Top Ten charts at the moment. I do hope they will stay there untill the Warsaw gig will be sold-out 🙂

Official media partners for Polish gig are:
– RMF FM, the most popular Polish radiostation (30% of shares)
– TVN, one of the biggest private televisions in Poland (18% of shares)
– SHOW – a gossip magazine, 445,000 copies sold every second week
– SWIAT KOBIETY – a monthly magazine for women with over 400,000 copies sale
– INTERIA.PL portal – used by 8,000,000 users

So, looking at media partners, future is bright (hopefully!) for Roxette gig in Poland.
If you want to buy your tickets, just visit website.

If you have any other “ticket sale story” to tell, just let us know in the comment section.

9 thoughts on “Roxette is no 1 in Poland”

  1. updated their top ten ticket charts and Roxette made it to No. 4 right behind Bon Jovi, Herbert Grönemeyer (he’s HUGE ;)) and David Garrett.

  2. Oh, I wondered how Roxette tickets for German shows would sell and it seems it’s good at the moment. Hope it will remain as it is for next couple of weeks.

  3. And then they can put tour-stickers on the CDs… 🙂

    I’m really glad that Rox still sell so well. After all the demand for them could have died totally in the last 9 years. They deserve all the success!

  4. Can anyone tell me which ticket for the Polish concert is the best to buy… I loved the Warsaw gig for The PC tour and am thinking of going back for the Rox concert!

  5. @Ally you’re welcomed! 🙂 This time venue is bigger with over 8,000 people (comparing to Stodola where there was place for around 2,000, but only 700-800 people came up on PCT gig), so just visit website, click on English version and purchase Golden Circle tickets. They are really cheap (comparing to Germany for instance) – around 35 EURO.

  6. Thanks Tomos, I figured it was the Golden Circle I should be buying but wanted to be certain!

    Thanks Michael also!

  7. Well, I don’t know if it will confirmed but at the moment on there is information that there are no more GC tickets. I can assume they are sold-out 🙂

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