The sale for Warsaw gig (June 19th, 2011) has just started today at 10 AM CET. Thanks to huge media coverage, Roxette is no 1 on Top Ten charts at the moment. I do hope they will stay there untill the Warsaw gig will be sold-out 🙂

Official media partners for Polish gig are:
– RMF FM, the most popular Polish radiostation (30% of shares)
– TVN, one of the biggest private televisions in Poland (18% of shares)
– SHOW – a gossip magazine, 445,000 copies sold every second week
– SWIAT KOBIETY – a monthly magazine for women with over 400,000 copies sale
– INTERIA.PL portal – used by 8,000,000 users

So, looking at media partners, future is bright (hopefully!) for Roxette gig in Poland.
If you want to buy your tickets, just visit website.

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