New Roxette album is fixed!

As Per Gessle informed via Twitter/Facebook, Roxette’s new studio album has finally been mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City. That’s the final big production step before mass duplication. The album will include 12 songs.

Per previously reported that Roxette have recorded 16 songs, so the rest could reach our ears as b-sides or bonus tracks. Even more songs have been written and tested for this album but didn’t make it to the final production.

The definite release date has not been announced yet. The rough time frame is 1st quarter of 2011.

9 thoughts on “New Roxette album is fixed!”

  1. so to add to the hysteria:


    123. LISTEN 11128479

    Seems to be from the Party Crasher era

    78. HAPPY NEW YEAR 8872064

    SOAP era

    86. HOLIDAY 5346363

    I really can’t tell maybe TWATG or before HAND

    The strangest thing is that all the songs seems to be published by: SONY/ATV MELODY even Marie’s catalogue.

    Anybody has a hint here?

    • ‘Listen’ is a terrible Listen To Your Heart-cover by rapper Juvenile
      ‘Holiday’ is already in these BMI registers since, indeed, before HAND. They didn’t realease it on HAND, RS, or Gessle solo, so why suddenly release it on a ‘comeback’-album?
      “happy new year”: There is a track on Christoffer Lundquists solo-album called Happy new year. Maybe Gessle wrote it and gave it to Christoffer?

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