4 thoughts on “Switzerland added to the ever growing Roxette Tour!”

  1. This information is wrong. They don’t play in Lucerne. The “Moon and the Stars Festival” is in Locarno in the italian speaking part of Switzerland. It is not even close to Lucerne.
    But it’s a very beautiful Festival and I will be there for sure.

  2. Thanks for the correction!
    Just inserted a link to our permanent World Tour page, so we don’t have to re-post the whole list every other day. 😉

  3. Thanks tomsen2 for correcting us… I learnt something new I didn’t know there was an Italian speaking part of Switzerland!

  4. hi folks
    This is my first comment, but I’m always round here!!!
    It seems that Turkey will be the next one included
    25.5, TBA, Istambul, Turkey
    could anyone confirm this?

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