Roxette in Poland on New Year’s Eve – finally confirmed!!

The official press release was sent to the Polish media today. Roxette will be the main star of the open-public, free New Year’s Party on Constitution Square in the centre of Warsaw. As we previously informed the rumours had it that Roxette was due to perform in Lodz, third largest Polish city, but due to the financial problems, Lodz authorities had to cancel this open-air public New Year’s Party for citizens.

According to this information, Roxette will come to Poland in a private jet and will perform the biggest hits eg. “Joyride”, “It Must Have Been Love” or “Listen To Your Heart”.

The show will start at 20.00 CET and will last for more than 5,5 hours. City Council gave over 900,000 EUR to organize this event. The New Year’s Party in Warsaw will be broadcasted by Polsat TV and Radio ZET.


14 thoughts on “Roxette in Poland on New Year’s Eve – finally confirmed!!”

  1. Excellent news. Let’s hope the play the real song not the recorded ones. Don’t wanna bother you guys but there are some misspells in “autohorites had to canel open-air-… ” authorities and cancel.

  2. Thanks Emilio. I was so thrilled that my spelling skills got lost somewhere. I know it can be playback, but well, it’s exciting anyway! 🙂

  3. Great news. Maybe they also will play the new single? It should be time to start the promotion for that on new years eve.

  4. I don’t know what is the deal. What is the benefit of signing them to make a playback appearence. I know some people won’t notice the difference… but it is sth i don’t understand. Anyway there are great news. At least is a public appearence and promotion.

  5. Yep, and few millions of Poles in front of TV-screens. 3,8 mln watched New Year’s Eve Party on Polsat last year. So it’s a great audiance, though everyone knows that only desperate artists perform there… you know, you get a big cheque after all and it’s not about music… “it’s only playback” to quote the Man.

  6. it’s a huge opportunity to make the premiere of the new single instead of another TL or LTYH playback.. I know the audience mostly only knows their major hits but why not a new song and an old classic one?

  7. So this is more like a TV show than a concert, right? I just learned that there are two parallel shows in Poland. Ace Of Base and other Eurodance acts will be on the other one.

  8. It would be a dream to listen to Roxette and September (a swedish pop/dance singer) at the same night! I hope September will sing there like last year!

    And, PLEASE, NEW SINGLE AND Listen to Your Heart live, at least!!!! =)

  9. Personally, I don’t think a playback performance at a New Year Eve Party in Poland is the best place place for the new single to be premiered. Who else beside the Poles are gonna watch that? It’s not an international event…

  10. I think this is great to see Roxette on TV again, wherever it is. Poland is a great door to the Eastern Europe.. and since they seem to be planning to go big there.. great promo, indeed.
    Tomos: is there a live stream via internet? ;))

  11. Yep, 4 mln people in front of TV screens + around 100,000 on the event.

    As far as I know there is no official legal live streaming of Polsat TV. There is a streaming of Radio ZET, but well, it’s better to see and hear, not only to hear. I will inform you more later on.

  12. Wow! What a great piece of news!!! I haven’t been online through the weekend to give myself a rest with the net but today I gave up and what I get. Roxette will play on the New Year’s Eve. One of my Roxette-related dreams will come true. I’ve always wanted to spend this day with them. 🙂

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