Make Roxette as number one in MTV Brazil poll!

We have just received a short message from our Brazilian friend – Dany Etchart:

Hej friends, could you please help make Roxette as number one in Brazil MTV poll? We want Roxette to be the most expected concert in 2011. Scroll down till you see the MTV list. Roxette is no 1 at the moment and let it remain like that 😀


12 thoughts on “Make Roxette as number one in MTV Brazil poll!”

  1. THANX FRIENDS! I knew I could count with the most powerful fans in the world: EUROPE!!!

    ROXETTE IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOODBYE (and sorry) Amy Whinehouse, U2… it’s ROXETTE coming baby!

    KEEP VOTING! (Justin Biber fans complaining! :P)

  2. @ettexor: I guess so.. Marie’s voice is beautiful and roxette songs are nice.
    I’m saying this not because I’m a Rox fan, I did asked many people, in fact they don’t even know what Rox is, but when I let them listened to some Rox songs, do you wanna know what’s their comments? “You know that Celion Dion has a beautiful voice but this lady (Marie) has more than that.. It’s just so.. SPECIAL.. It’s beyond just being a beautiful voices…” MARIE… I’m so proud of you… Thank you for coming back….thanks to PER for the nice songs…

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