Switzerland out, Turkey in?

It seems like the Swiss gig on July 14th has vanished from the official website – we have no idea why; we have no info that it was canceled either. On the other hand there is information that Roxette is due to perform in Turkey on May 25th – between Dubai and Athen gig. It is going to be confirmed soon.

20 thoughts on “Switzerland out, Turkey in?”

  1. I am beginning to think this is turning into a farce… dates disappearing, rumours of the Tivoli gig being free but no official information on it – this doesn’t help those trying to decide or plan their trips! Still no dates for the Spanish and UK fans!

  2. Don’t share your opinion. I think it’s clear by now. I think it’s clear by now that you just need a Tivoli amusement park ticket to get into the show.

    When did the Switzerland gig disappear? Maybe just a copy&paste error? We’re still quite early for the European dates! When did we get them in 2001? Keep cool.

  3. Livenation.se says that tickets are sold at the door for the Tivoli gig. But if that means that there only is an regular amusemantpark fee or some kind if higher concert fee is not clear yet.

    The funny thing is that many “second hand ticket stores” sell tickets for the Copenhagen gig for a lot of money.

  4. I feel I am entitled to share my opinion, I see nothing wrong with the question I posted! It’s not clear to me and others about Tivoli, all I hear are rumours nothing is official, I see nothing written on the Tivoli website and I see nothing on Livenation.se about tickets either! I see the following when I view Livenation.se http://www.livenation.se/artist/roxette-tickets

  5. Of course you should be entitled to share your opinion.

    If you click on “Mer…” after “18.3 Saku” on the link you just posted you will get the entire tourlist. Then you will see the following line:
    22.7 Tivoli, Köpenhamn, Danmark TICKETS AT THE DOOR

    I agree with you that it’s strange that a gig just disspeared from the list. I guess we’ll know what happend to it sooner or later.

  6. Jamiroquai played at last year’s “Moon & Stars”-festival, so I’m still hoping for Roxette’s appearence there in 2011. However I’d appreciate an early official statement about what’s up with the Swiss gig!

  7. Strange thing about the Moon & Stars festival. I never found information on their homepage about Roxette, even when the information came up.

  8. Maybe Roxette is one of the first bands that has confirmed its appearence at the “Moon & Stars”-festival and the organiser wants to upload all the gigs together? That’s the only plausible answer for me…

  9. BTW: the acts on the moon and stars site are the ones from 2010. There’s NOTHING officially out for 2011.

  10. I am very glad you have not left Brazil out of this tour. I’ma huge fan of you and look forward to this event! And when it comes to the next demo cd of you? A kiss, Joao.

    P.S. I wrote using the google translator, I do not speak English very well ….

  11. I think this is just normal for a tour which is announced partly even 7 months in advance, if there is a tradition at Tivoli to bring big artists and that people only pay the amusement park fee (or a higher fee later in the evening) so be it 🙂

    I am still not planning anything.. wanna see the final dates and then I will 🙂

  12. What does this latest tweet from Per mean?: We should do some shows in Spain, Italy & the UK as well, right?

    I think we can expect some news in the coming days!

  13. I take it as one of his “undercover tips”, meaning that they are fixing/planning the dates there and probably they will be announced soon.. 🙂

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