Upcoming Roxette releases: 2-track single, vinyl-LP, deluxe-album incl. extra-CD

As Per Gessle announced today via Twitter and Facebook, Roxette will release a 2-track single followed by a vinyl-LP and an exclusive version of the album incl. extra-CD!

Yesterday he mentioned an interview for a new biography and asked about concerts in Spain, Italy and the UK. Join the joyride everybody!

15 thoughts on “Upcoming Roxette releases: 2-track single, vinyl-LP, deluxe-album incl. extra-CD”

  1. Great, I can’t wait to see the cover art, to listen to the fist snnipets…
    I just read at a tweeter that the name of the new rox-single is “She’s Got Nothing On (But the radio)”. I don’t Know if its true but it’s a nice name.

  2. If you write ” roxette she’s got nothing On but the radio on google, it shows a link from cutting room sweden but the link doesn’t works.
    But I really don’t belive its true, same name of a gaga’s song bad coincidence.

  3. I completely forgot about that, but it makes sense now.

    Although I would have preferred it as part of a live cd/dvd package.

  4. Sorry, I’m not excited with idea to release live CD/DVD with regular album. It has no point to me, no context, no concept. Much better idea is add second disc with DTS/Dolby sound (is year 2010) or some DVD documentary about making the album, some interview, demos/outtakes/remixes, etc. Hope it will be 5.1 channel sound.

  5. Mmm, I don’t really care about extra disc on DTS. Buying a double package just to get the same on both discs (no matter how different technology) looks boring and like a total waste of money to me. I’d prefer a live recording OR an extra disc with different material at least. I’m not an audiophile…

  6. I forgot to add the vinyl-LP is out of my list, definitively! I know Per likes that kind of stuff, but for me it’s something totally obsolete. I’ve never bought a vinyl, and I won’t change now! 😛

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