Marie Fredriksson at the City tunnel opening

Marie Fredriksson and her husband Mikael Bolyos performed “Tro” at the opening of City tunnel in Malmo today.
You will find pictures of Marie following the links to Expressen and Sydsvenskan below.

Update: A YouTube user put a video together with the recording and some pictures, which you can watch here. A short recording of the performance can also be seen here.

Update 2: And finally here is the long-awaited video. Thanks Stina!!

Source: Expressen, Sydsvenskan

22 thoughts on “Marie Fredriksson at the City tunnel opening”

  1. Oh my god. She looked SO stunning! She sang Tro? From the pic, she looked like she was singing Hotblooded or Dressed For Success 🙂 Look how “passionate” she looked like.

  2. Sorry for the short video. I’m pretty sure that the boy in front of me was recorded the whole song in video. I prefer to do some shots instead of video 🙂 Anyway, i put some pictures in the audio so you can see here:

    She was pretty cool, she looks happy and Mr. Boylos take care of her, i saw it! The love was in the air!


  3. @osunamusic: Thank you for sharing, sounds great!! Wish I could have been there, but it makes me look forward to next summer even more!! 🙂

  4. You are very welcome Ronja. I’m very happy to share it with all of you cause i’m sure you enjoy like me as a Rox fan!

  5. Oh yes, her voice sounded SO strong…! Thanks for the recording, it’s so clear and made wish Roxette would release another Live album, maybe after the tour? Hope so.

  6. oh – that went fast, almost before i’ve finished uploading my video i find the link for it here…. hehehe
    enjoy all of you – magic was in the air yesterday!!!!!

  7. She looks prettier and younger than in NTOP… I think she’s really come back for real…I just don’t know why I really like to listen to your voice. Thanks Marie…you’re so great!

  8. Great,amazing,Wonderful, wonderful ….
    Marie is happy.
    Marie sings like an Angel
    Kisses from Spain.Thank you 🙂

  9. Even though I don’t understand the meaning but I really love to hear this song and try to sing along 🙂
    I’m not Swedish but I would say Swedish people must be proud to have a singer like Marie.
    The color of her voice contribute a lot to every song she sings.

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