“Charm School” tracklist according to Musicserver.cz

According to the latest article on Musicserver.cz, the new Roxette album “Charm School” tracklist will be:

  1. Way Out
  2. No One Makes It On Her Own
  3. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
  4. Speak To Me
  5. I’m Glad You Called
  6. Only When I Dream
  7. Dream On
  8. Big Black Cadillac
  9. In My Own Way
  10. After All
  11. Happy On The Outside
  12. Sitting On The Top Of The World

Source: Musicserver article

Update: The tracklist got confirmed by Per Gessle.

Update: According to an article, iTunes version will have 13 songs, so there should be one more bonus song on digital release. Single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” should have its radio premiere on January 4.

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  1. abysmo, how do you rate the reliability of musicserver.sz? Looks strange:

    1. I’m Glad You Called: Re-used from PC
    2. Only When I Dream: Title known for a long time from BMI
    3. Dream On: Looks strange after the former title

    On the other hand Per said in May: OWID (only when I dream) LC (loud cloths) HOL (holiday) are pretty decent ones. I/We might use them some day.

  2. cool. i am looking forward to BIG BLACK CADILLAC … even the spoken title on it’s own has a great melody … i guess, this one is a power pop song à la franz ferdinand or kaiser chiefs (at least i do hope so …) – can’t wait to listen to the brand new songs!

  3. Musicserver usualy reprints press releases or news prom official sources, they verified my mail about news that Roxette just finished their new album two months ago. So I think this is reliable source. At least it was so far.

    I know, I’m Glad… PC 2008 version is old rerecorded Roxette demo, Only… is really old, was discussed just before Room Service release as a possible album track.

    BTW check Per’s answer to fans about Only When I Dream here:

    “Hey David, yea “Only you” is actually terrible. BWY OWID LC HOL are pretty decent ones. I/We might use them some day. HOMY was recorded by some European boyband, can’t remember their name. I like that song too! It might pop up somewhere else.”

    So I think we can believe this article.

  4. Maybe you forced him to! 😛

    I strongly hope I’m Glad You Called is sung by Marie and sounds very different. Wouldn’t understand the re-release otherwise…

  5. OMG, I hope it’s true!!! I have always liked “I’m Glad You Called” and have always thought it would be perfect for Roxette. When Helena started to sing, I could feel Marie’s presence there (although I love Helena and have nothing against her). I also liked the tittles. There would be no reason for the setlist to be fake, I think. :D:D

  6. Yes, I’m Glad… is very Roxettish song. I do believe that Roxette version is little bit different than Per’s one and with some support from Marie. 🙂 BTW it’s the last, track no.14 in my Party Crasher album folder. 😀

  7. I wanted to say that this isn’t sounded like Roxette to recycle their own song, but actually they did with Soul Deep and So Far Away. Hope the new version is better, I didn’t really like the previous one.

  8. When I said “Hope the new version is better, I didn’t really like the previous one.” I was talking about ‘I’m Glad You Called’.

  9. They did it already. For example with Vulnerable, recorded in ’90, (released in ’94), The Centre Of The Heart ’98 (’01), Little Miss Sorrow ’98 (’03)…. This is normal process when you call to mind some old song and you get some idea how to renew or update something you don’t liked on it and then you get great song.

  10. It seems I am the only one who doesn’t want to hear old stuff. I really would have loved to get new songs only. I don’t like them to release the same songs again and again, even though I really love I’m glad you called. I don’t like that we also know Only when I dream is 26 years old. But I will give it a try, I promise..

  11. I just hope that the recordings are totally new and IGYC is not just slightly edited, like the Stupid rox version. Just refuse to listen to the alternate records, so the new version are the originals! 😉

    It’s the same as I discovered Silver Blue, Never Is A Long Time or So Far Away though Tourism first.

  12. See Me is from 1994, but was released in 1999. Demo for It Hurts is from 1995, but the song was recorded in 1999… Min Hälsning is from 1978, but it was recorded in 2007. I Like It Like That and Something In The System were written in 2002 for Roxette, but they were released in 2005. Ande In En Flaska demo is from HAND era, but the song wa recorded in 2004. Other Gessle’s songs like that?

  13. Om Du Vedat… (I don!t know the title properly) is from En Händig Man 2007, but the demo comes from 2002

  14. I wonder what happened to all the songs he wrote during NOTP and this year. I really would love to get an insight how this album producing, writing, recording stuff works and how and when they decide which songs fit and which don’t.

  15. Marie said already in late 2009 that some of Per’s album demos are very old. Let’s hope for a making-of docu!

  16. Roy :

    Hey everyone.. can one of the admins tell me what happened to the great post from today where Marie sings a small part of the new single ?
    Why was it taken off ?

    Micke B. asked the author to delete this message. we did as he wanted.

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