Two good information from Rox World 2011 Tour camp.

As you may remember South African gigs sell like hot cakes and over 5,000 tickets were sold just in the first hours of the sale. This is one of the reasons why Roxette adds the fourth concert in this country – the new one is for Cape Town on Tuesday May 10th, 2011. This makes the first concert (May 11th) to become the second one. Check for more information.

Bulgarian fans do not disappoint Roxette – the concert in Sofia on May 29th will be moved from the National Palace of Culture to the bigger venue – the Georgi Asparuhov stadium. Over 4,000 tickets were sold for NPoC which was “sold-out” for the place.Unfortunately, the organizers will provide only sitting places on the stadium. For additional tickets, please see the link (in Bulgarian only).