“Nån annanstans nån annan gång” from Helena Josefsson

The first single from Helena’s second album is “Nån annanstans nån annan gång” which in English goes for “Another place another time”. The single is a digital release and you can listen to it here on the site a little further down to your left. Play it, download it, have fun! The song will be available very soon for digital download and when it is the “buy it” button will take you to the right place.



Source: HelenaJosefsson.com

13 thoughts on ““Nån annanstans nån annan gång” from Helena Josefsson”

  1. I cannot agreen on that. Prefered Helena in English. There something wrong when Helena sings in Swedish, cannot discribe my feeling.

  2. Thank you for posting this info! Great news!)))))))
    Single is very much in her style, although I would prefer it in English to understand the lyrics, but translator also works not that bad..))))))))

  3. I listened one of your solo albuns and i don’t liked. Helena’s voice is a little boring, like a fragile voice cat…

  4. I loved “Dynamo”, played it during many days after it was released. I’m not sure about her singing in Swedish, but I will give it a try! Voice cat? I didn’t know the cats sing like that…

  5. I don’t like the idea of posting the issue about Helena here.
    Well, I think it’s Rox-thing here and many Rox fans visit this blog to find out about Rox-connected issue. So it’s a quite disappointing when you go into the blog and find out somebody else here.
    I’ve tried to listen several songs of her but then I’m so sorry to say that it’s just simply not my type 🙁

  6. Helena is a member of the band and we WILL post info about her work. And other members too. This is our policy to publish everything around Roxette & company.

  7. roxo, I’m no fan either, but what’s so hard to just ignore the post? Already the headline says what’s in! 😉

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