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  1. No big surprise here, hmm? Looking forward to 10-11 (incl. single b-side) live tracks in crisp sound! 😀

  2. As expected and finally confirmed 🙂
    But (without wanting to moan) why only 10 tracks? What’s the problem with the rest of the concent? They won’t be able to put the whole concert on one CD, that was clear from the beginning on, but I thought they’ll use at least ~80 minutes (and I doubt the 10 tracks will fill that time span ;-)).
    Of course I’m taking what I’m getting, because it’s better than nothing, but I just don’t understand it.
    With a ‘normal’ album it’s a different thing, because you have to create new tracks (so 12 Tracks are enough and if they’re good, it’s better than to use a lot of filling material :-)), but if you have to choose from a whole concert with about 20 approved tracks…
    Perhaps they have a good reason (later use?) or they just wanted to use the best of best 😉

    • Dennis, maybe they’ll include the audience waiting for encore: CD full! 😉

      We should keep in mind that it’s a bonus-disc for 2-4 more Euro, not a standalone album for 15 Euro. Could be a reason to limit the tracks a bit.

  3. I just really really don’t and can’t get it…

    We’ve been waiting 10 years for a brand new album and instead of giving us a lot of new songs (at least 14 on the album + an extra cd with rare stuff, demos, outtakes or whatever, I don’t care, just let it be unheard stuff) they stick to live recordings, which is basically sort of a greatest hits live album… I am fan since ’91, I attended 2 concerts so far, I’m gonna go to Budapest next year and I want and expect something else as a reward for being a fan. And honestly, I think we, the fans, in general are really got bored with greatest hits type of releseas. For example, when Bon Jovi reached 100,000,000 items in record sales they released a 4 CD compilation with full of goodies such us demos, outtakes and various rare stuff. Why we Roxette fans can’t have a release just like that as a pay off for having sold 70,000,000 records?

    WE DO NOT DESERVE IT ????????????

    Besides, I see no reason, having Wish I Could Fly (Live) as a single B-side as long as you plan to release 10 live tracks along with the album…

  4. Dennis, getting 10 live tracks is great.. and anyway, it’s quite easy to figure out why not a full concert. They won’t use songs in which Marie confused some of the lyrics or songs with a shaky performance. That’s ok for youtube but not for an official release.. that could never happen.

  5. I suppose WICF from St. Peteresburg will be on the deluxe CD too. Would love to hear other tracks too!

    10 tracks make an album with around 50 minutes. The whole concert lasts for 90 min, so it would be not possible to put every song on the CD. And remember, they chose the best tracks and if they did some mistakes, I’m sure they don’t want to show it to everyone 🙂

  6. I wonder if we’ll get some live tracks from the NOTP performances on future releases. The WICF performance that was broadcast on TV (I think it was from Munich) is actually much better than WICF from St. Petersburg. The guitar riffs were better and the 3 backing singers were doing a better job with backing vocals. (They also fit better for the upcoming world tour than Helena but that’s a different story…)

  7. They’d have to buy some rights from NOTP for that. And I guess they wanna show pure, actual Roxette.

  8. @cayenne: I don’t think fans have to be rewarded. If you did all this (attended concerts, bought all their records, etc) it was because you really wanted, nobody pushed you to do so. Some fans believe that the artists owe you something and have to do what you want, but that’s totally wrong.

    In addition, I wonder how many demos were released by Bon Jovi all through his career… If you count all the Roxette demos that have been released on singles (as B-sides), the Roxbox, Roxette.se and so on, you’ll find there are more than you think. Problem is we are too much used to get demos and rarities, when most of the artists don’t let their fans listen to that kind of stuff, usually.

  9. +1 Raëlian

    After this long alot of fans are happy just to have a new album, let alone a bonus live CD. On top of that, Rox have decided to go on tour which many people never expected to see again. We’ve had many extras/demo’s/bonuses/remixes over the years, this is more than anyone could have hoped for.

    Bring on Charm School!!

  10. i can’t believe how unsatisfied some of you are …

    c’mon: in a couple of weeks we’ll get a brand new album AND live recordings!! who would have believed that. two years ago the only thing i wished for was a proper live-cd of roxette and now we even get it ‘only’ as a bonus. how cool is that!?

    please be realistic and enjoy the status quo at the moment. we can soon enough discuss the new album after the release if the songs and sound are good or not so much.

    i guess i gotta try stop reading all those moaning comments here and on TDR … they are stealing the ‘magic moments’ i always had before roxette was releasing a new studio album.


  11. I think it is fantastic that Roxette is releasing a cleaned up version of them Live for a change – how refreshing!! I love it love it love it.
    The bootleg sound is so pathetic and it DOES NOT DO JUSTICE to Marie’s fantastic voice. I am over the moon about the new music and the return of Roxette! What a treat!!! 🙂

  12. Bootleg is NOT pathetic. I think it’s good enough to say if Marie was good or not (and she was good! it’s a proove!) 🙂

  13. Hey Tomos I think you misunderstood my comment there. I did not mean bootlegs are pathetic, I mean the sound quality is poor because on a booleg you hear the audience or the person who recorded the show’s voice while they sing along and personally I only want to hear Marie & Per’s voices. No doubt that Marie’s voice is still very good after all these years. Rox on 🙂

  14. @Heidi my fault, as for me “pathetic” has quite strong meaning. And of course I want to hear all these songs in HQ.

    Gyöngyvér, you will have a lot of things to do in February! 🙂

  15. I think we cannot complain. We are informed every now and then by Per himself, they are quite accessible and I’m quite sure everybody who wished to see them in the past tours, has managed to do so. They have always tried to add demos and rare stuff as b-sides, or as download.. and they are back with a new album and tour (!) 🙂
    And 10 songs better than nothing. This is only a special edition, a goodie for a couple of more euro. And not to forget that _fans_ are not the only ones who buy their CDs, they wouldn’t have gone so far that way 😉

    PS: and I hope this doesn’t end up like TDR-discussions. I won’t be as patient here as I have to be over there 😉

  16. I, for one, am super excited about this release! I imagine WICF will be one of the 10 tracks on the bonus disc but, as others have already said, this is more than any of us could have hoped for a few years ago!

    Some people will never be satisfied, others grateful for the fact that Marie continues to get stronger and participate in Roxette for the present.

    I also, personally, would take live tracks over demos any day…but that’s just me. Many of my friends have no time for live recordings. Different strokes for different folkes…

  17. Oh and I hope LTYH is one of the tracks included (I am almost sure it will be) if only to hear that awesome drum fill towards the end of the song in HQ!

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