Roxette to perform live on New Year’s Eve in Warsaw

According to Polsat TV‘s press office – Roxette will definitely perform live on New Year’s Eve party on December 31st in Warsaw. As for the chosen songs, they cannot reveal anything at the moment. They do not want to say how many, which and if any new song will be performed neither. The Polsat press releases informed about “It must have been love”, “Listen to your heart”, “Joyride”, “The look” being performed in Warsaw; on the other hand “How do you do!”, “Dangerous” and “Sleeping in my car” are also used in various TV and radio promos.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Warsaw, in the press and all over the internet the New Year’s Eve concert’s promotion has just began entitled “Sylwestrowa Moc Przebojow” (Power of New Year’s Hits). As you can see below, Roxette’s photo is not on the posters – Polsat TV decided to use only the Polish artists images. Other foreign guests to perform in Warsaw are Opus (“Life is life” theme) and Denzel (“Pump it up”). The Polish artist will perform the most popular European hits as Polsat and the Warsaw authorities want to mark the start of Polish Presidency of the European Union in the second half of 2011.

This will be probably the first time ever when Roxette will perform in front of over 100,000 people. Close to 4,000,000 people are expected to watch the show on Polsat TV. Unfortunately, Polsat has no official live streaming on the internet. The other media partner is Radio ZET, which should broadcast the show as well and yes – you can listen to it all over the world.

If you want to see a TV ad for the concert – “Joyride” and “How do you do!” is used in the background, please visit Polish Roxette fan page on Facebook:

The official event website has just opened its gates, though it is only in Polish. The admission to the Constitution Square will begin at 7 PM, one hour before the whole show will start. Between 2 and 7 PM soundchecks and general rehearsal will take place.

If you have any question regarding this show, just drop a line in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “Roxette to perform live on New Year’s Eve in Warsaw”

  1. I guess if any new song, Roxette will only play the lead single in front of this mixed audience. Expect a GH show. Any info when Rox will perform?

  2. I expect the roxette interpret the new single … what better occasion to launch a new single in Poland may have, if not to play in front of four millions of people?
    mistake or Polsat TV is also on satellite?

  3. Thank goodness it is live. Playbacks suck big time! Hope it’s going to be She’s got nothing on but the radio! Strange enough Lady Gaga has a song with the title: she’s got nothin on but the radio. ??? That is just weird – wonder if Roxette is aware of this?? In any case I’m sure Roxette will do a much better song than her even with the same title…. LOVE ROXETTE 🙂

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