Rumours: Roxette’s new single airplay start

There are two different information – Slovac site Webnoviny claims that the new Roxette single airplay starts on January 4th. On the other hand Australian site The Music Network wrote that the single will be released digitally on January 7th.

If you have any other news regarding the airplay, please let us know.

Update: Per Gessle has confirmed that the single airplay start and release will be January 7.

5 thoughts on “Rumours: Roxette’s new single airplay start”

  1. Hmm, I wouldn’t trust the Australian article too much. They write about Per’s solo tour “this year”! And I think they refer to the commercial release (not airplay) with January 7. Which could be possible because of different week days for record releases.

  2. Good News!!!!!!!
    Charm School Deluxe
    Extra-cd with Halmstad,Stavanger,St. Petersburg:
    1 Dressed For Success
    2 Sleeping In My Car
    3 Wish I Could Fly (PLEASE St.Petersburg words and perfect voice)
    4 7twenty7
    5 Perfect Day
    6 Things Will Never Be The Same (wow amazing!)
    7 How Do You Do!/Dangerous
    8 Silver Blue
    9 Joyride
    10 Listen To Your Heart (PLEASE Stavanger amazing final voice)
    11 The Look
    12 Church Of Your Heart
    Bonus It Must Have Been Love i-tunes
    Please come back to Spain,special Málaga-Andalucía.

  3. Perfect Day and Things Will Never Be The Same yes Saint Petersburg but Listen To Your Heart amazing Stavanger in the final 13 seconds Marie sings “Heart” perfectly refined.
    Although St. Petersburg is very good with different ending.
    Kisses from Spain.Thanks 🙂

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