16 thoughts on “Snippet of “She’s got nothing on (but the radio) online”

  1. F*** Amazing! More than great!!!!!! But I´d like to listen Marie singing a bit more… let´s celebrate…. Let´s Rox the Charts…

  2. Can anybody share this snippet for downloading? I’m out of PC, so my only one way how to listen it, is to download it to my phone. Thanks.

  3. “jo is denn heit scho weihnochtn?”


    great, that sound is exactly what i was waiting for so long!!

  4. What to say. 🙂 The chorus is one
    of their most melodical and
    driving ever, simple amazing,
    beat is cool and sound is – oh.
    Party Crasher synths meets
    guitars – best posible
    combination. Excellent piece of
    pop, if you ask me.

  5. First of all, I am glad, Sleeping In My Car was already produced/arranged in 1994.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like the snippet – even after a 100-times-loop – but i was hoping for more real instruments like live-drums, accoustic guitars, maybe strings and a clearer, less computerized, more natural sound. But its just 30 sec. – maybe the complete song has some surprises …

    By the way: I was wondering who was singing the backup vocals in Per’s lines in that “hysterical way” at the beginning? Is it Helena or Christoffer?

  6. WELCOME BACK MARIE WOW!! THAT VOICE ! NOBTR snippet too short 🙁 Can’t say if i like it…YET

  7. Wah, didn’t expect to hear anything already! 😀

    In general I have problems with songs snippets, they may give you a total wrong picture of a song. I remember hearing TCOTH for the first time and I disliked it, thought it was a demo or strange remix because it sounded kinda distorted. A few weeks later I was totally in love with the song!

    Now this SGNO(BTR) snippet! I love the melody and enjoy to hear some power chords again! As for the general sound I can’t judge yet, it’s simply too short. So many questions now: Who sings the other verse, what about intro and middle-8, ect? So I look forward to get more of this! The whole snippet sounds a bit noisy for now, but keep in mind that the amazon-MP3 previews are always rather lo-fi…

  8. It’s hard to judge by 30 sec (though the chorus seemed so positive and ctachy) I’m just SO happy that they’re back, like REALLY back 🙂

  9. That sounds so good.Psychedelic sound.
    Very good I like is wonderful. A new great success.
    This piece reminds me of Party Crasher Track-Do You Wanna Be My Baby?-Opportunity Nox.
    The voices are wonderful.
    Per is a genius.Marie is fantastic.
    She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) Radio:) Hit!Hit!Hit!
    Kisses from Spain Andalucía Málaga.

  10. The song sounds good. It is very radio friendly. But definitely not the kind sound I am interested in. There’s nothing unique to it. It could be any other artist’s song. It will get lost in the middle of a thousand similar sounding songs. It is the typical radio song that I don’t care about, and I will probably listen to it only because it is a Roxette song.

    If you listen to Look Sharp or Joyride or even the songs from CBB, each song has it’s own personality. They are unique, and the moment you hear them you know it’s Roxette. It didn’t take a thousand listens for a song to grow on you.

    I believe that in the past, while Per has always been the songwriter, a lot of people contributed to the original Roxette sound we all cherish. A big part or the credit for the superhits should go to Jonas Isaacsson and Anders Herlin. And that people is gone.

    The Party Crasher sound is not my cup of tea.

  11. @ abominablesnowman: i can follow your thoughts well. i like the 30 sec. a lot but i can not say, if i would like the snippet as well, if it wasn’t from roxette. however i am looking forward to hear the whole song – maybe marie sings the 2nd verse?

    i was also wondering how roxette would sound with jonas isaacsson and ANDERS HERLIN nowadays … and without christoffer.

    by the way: why did they broke up with anders herlin? was there an ‘official’ reason?

  12. Hi yes I would also like to know why the changes to the band. Jonas Isaacson was a brilliant guitar player on joyride…and who could forget how Marie flirted with Anders Herlin during the joyride & CBB tour on stage while playing guitar 🙂 I have noticed that with Christoffer the Roxette sound has changed a bit (he almost plays too hard), but will only be able to be judgemental when i get to see them live again. I know everyone is curious, BUT I don’t think the world should have little snippets – wait for the whole album to be released to have a proper listen.

  13. Heidi, as you say Christoffer plays the guitar in a completely different way as Jonas does. I can’t not say if he’s better or not. Yes, he plays it quite harder but he has something special when he plays live… it is not just the sounds it’s about emotions for me. I really enjoy about CL being part of Roxette. As for the snippet, it’s 30 seconds… nothing to add yet.

  14. HI Emilio yeah I also think Christopher adds something great – the rock sound which is fantastic, but I’ve noticed that the sound is so loud nowadays that you can hardly hear Marie sing over the loud guitar, but maybe it will sound better when mixed and recorded professionally. Would still like to know what happened to Jonas as he still played when they performed for the Princess victoria of sweden.

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