9 thoughts on “First photos from the Russian New Year’s Eve”

  1. That Russian site is very confusing. I translated the article into English but it does not make any sense. Could someone who knows anything about that please tell the rest of us what that was all about. Thanks 🙂

  2. Oh yes, the Russian gossip again… Marie is such a diva! 😉

    Love to see Marie’s hair going a bit RS direction again!

  3. I understand that they would be asked to sing the same song roxette to 3 times and they refused….
    hmmm if so they would be right for Marie and, as it would not make sense, but maybe I just mistranslated.

  4. Yes, love Marie’s hair but I must say I am not too keen on her stage outfits of late. She needs to go back to the sexy Marie look again 🙂
    Who knows maybe they both will surprise us with the new tour and all.

  5. Yes, finally Marie’s haircut is getting better (the longer, the better!). A more feminin short haircut suites her much better (she was so beautiful in Room Service photos) than that supershort male military cut.

  6. the text in Russian is disgusting. I would never believe any word about Marie they wrote.
    It’s a pity they also agreed to perform for the 1st Channel new-year program, it’s such a shame for such a great artists!!!!! ((((( I don’t know…((
    Any live at the Red Square could have been 1000000 times better – just like they do in Warsaw.

  7. @Kreecher I would not say that the Warsaw thing adds a lot of splendor to Roxette’s music. It’s a rather show for those who don’t care about the music’s quality, so I feel really sorry for myself as I will be there and will have to listen to other artists who will perform that night.

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