Warsaw stage is being built

In only 9 days Roxette will perform on this stage in the centre of Warsaw on the New Year’s Party organized by Polsat TV and The City of Warsaw .

By the way… -15 C degrees is expected here in Warsaw on December 31st. That will be a very cool evening for sure.

Update: Agata Mlynarska, one of the New Year’s Eve Party hosts, revealed that Roxette would perform in 3 sets – two sets before the midnight and one on January 1st. It seems like they will perform 2 songs in each set. There is also a chance for another song according to Polsat. It is still unknown what the 6th and possible 7th song will be.

6 thoughts on “Warsaw stage is being built”

  1. Looks like a nice stage 🙂 Wow can’t imagine -15 degrees as I am enjoying a nice summer of 35 degrees at the moment in South Africa 🙂
    I wonder how that kind of temperature influences someone’s voice? Does anyone know?

  2. Yeah, but they played indoors. 😉 I hope the stage is closed at the back, less ice wind. But they could have guessed, no? Playing at new years eve… 😀

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