26-year-old Mats Udd from Falun is working on the new Roxette video for “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” single. The world premiere is scheduled for January 7th.

EMI Svenska liked Mats Udd’s videos which he did for e.g. Swedish musician Familjen and he was appointed to record the new Roxette video in the end of November.

I gave them four proposals and one of them was chosen. Just over a week ago I was told that “we are doing this”. On Monday I filmed Per and Marie and on Tuesday we did a story part.

The video will be put together in New York as Mats Udd is planing to spend Christmas holidays there.

He has made many other clips before for such artists like Timo Räisänen, First Aid Kit and Those Dancing Days. With Roxette for the very first time he has got the chance to work with a much larger productions.


Source: Dt.se