Mats Udd to direct the new Roxette video

26-year-old Mats Udd from Falun is working on the new Roxette video for “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” single. The world premiere is scheduled for January 7th.

EMI Svenska liked Mats Udd’s videos which he did for e.g. Swedish musician Familjen and he was appointed to record the new Roxette video in the end of November.

I gave them four proposals and one of them was chosen. Just over a week ago I was told that “we are doing this”. On Monday I filmed Per and Marie and on Tuesday we did a story part.

The video will be put together in New York as Mats Udd is planing to spend Christmas holidays there.

He has made many other clips before for such artists like Timo Räisänen, First Aid Kit and Those Dancing Days. With Roxette for the very first time he has got the chance to work with a much larger productions.



19 thoughts on “Mats Udd to direct the new Roxette video”

  1. 1st thought: Yay, no Akerlund 🙂

    2nd thought: His videos look like Akerlund’s 😉

    I don’t like these unconventional, experimental, ugly looking videos, I’m more into “high gloss”. But I hope the best for the Roxette-Clip and it’s great, that they did a video which includes Marie & Per 🙂
    Perhaps it fits the song and will suprise me in an positive way – not expecting too much is often the best way 😉

  2. Familjen is one strange looking video. Roxette’s official videos and I have seen them all usually tells the story of the song which is so important in my opinion because Roxette does not just produce bubblegum pop, no you actually have to think and feel the song so I hope that the video director will be able to relate to this with all the high tec stuff!

  3. Does anyone remember the Salvation video. I really like the song, powerful, emotional, BUT the video is in my opinion so stupid. I still can’t quite figure out why Per and Marie are holding vegetables and fruit in their hands while she is singing this emotional song !!! ??? Bizarre
    Jonas Akerlund did produce some nice ones as well i.e. Vulnerable, She Doesn’t live here anymore, but then there is also Wish i could fly and Anyone that is again not great. Marie is a natural acctress just a pity these directors don’t use her skills.

  4. @Heidi: I agree Salvation video is too much experimental for such a classic ballad, they don’t fit each other. But it was not directed by Åkerlund, but Anton Corbijn.
    And in my humble opinion, Wish I Could Fly is one of the finest Roxette videos ever filmed, far superior than the bland and monotonous Vulnerable.

  5. I like Corbijn’s exterior videos, videos in the nature with sceneries shoots. For example Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode is pure ART video. There’s an meaning that correspond with the single idea. Akerlund have some really great videos: Fingertips ’93, Run To You, Wish I Could Fly, She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Milk And Toast… But perfect is also You Don’t Understand Me. It’s hard to comes with something new and fresh after so many videos. But I’m voting for something like Enjoy The Silence/You Don’ t Understand Me for a ballad single video. So Corbijn next time?

  6. Personally i like Listen to your heart, dangerous, IMHBL, Joyride, fading like… , spending my time, do you get Excited?, How DYD! Run to you, fingertips, vulnerable (with per for a change), she doesn’t live here anymore, the centre of the heart and ofcourse Milk and toast and honey.
    I don’t like other actors to feature in the videos though, especially un dia sin ti ! I am sure the new video will be great – can’t wait 🙂

  7. wish i could fly for me is the best roxette video!! i think she’s got nothing on….
    I guess the new video set in a disco, with lots of lights and lots of music and people dancing, I do not know why, but this is what comes to mind now!

  8. Who did direct the “A Thing About You” video ? It’s my favourite Roxette video. Mostly because of how Marie looked.. Hopefully by the time they shoot the next video she’ll have spikey hair again and cool outfit.. 🙂

  9. Exited about this. It’s about time for Roxette to “change” music director. Nothing wrong with Akerlund, I think he was so talented, but usually when he made direct Rox vids, always full with BUNCH of extras. I missed seeing Roxette only (or with the whole band).

    Though it seemed the new guy seemed has similiar style with Akerlund.

    My favorite Rox video was Fingertips 93 (I know it was directed by Akerlund, but I WISH that’s the kind of video he did more with Rox).

    … and I actually like Salvation, I like the style and cinematography, and I like when I see Marie/Per dominated the whole video.

  10. Changing from Åkerlund to Udd (finally!) can also be understood that the budget for this video is not satisfying for Jonas. I mean, I don’t expect that promotional budgets for the lforthcoming Roxette album will be very high, unfortunately 🙁 Anyway, I expect to watch something interesting and exciting.

  11. Am I right that Per paid his video En handig man (Anton Corbijn) himself? If I remember right, he said, that he paid a lot of money to Anton, but he loves his work, so he want him to direct this video.

  12. I didn’t know Udd yet, but like that Roxette try someone new and don’t use the old formula again and again. Åkerlund is great but the combi could appear worn out. 🙂

  13. @Abysmo: According to the DVD, the “Milk and Toast and Honey” video was directed by Jesper Hiro (no Åkerlund).

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