Marie Fredriksson as the hero of the year

Swedish 50+ women magazine “M-magasin” is organizing a competition where their readers choose the most important women of 2010 in various categories. In “The hero of the year” Marie Fredriksson is nominated for her comeback with Roxette after the brain tumour. We think it is really important to show our support through this voting. Please, share this message with other fans and let’s make Marie as the hero of the year in “M-magasin”.

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9 thoughts on “Marie Fredriksson as the hero of the year”

  1. She has my vote too :))) although I didn’t complete the third positin (C/o)-what does this mean??
    Hope my vote has reached them!

  2. I won’t vote. Basically because I don’t know what are the merits of the other women listed there. I only know Marie, and even if I admit she’s a couragoeus artist, I can’t help thinking that (possibly) the other ladies listed there did more important or worth things than going in an international tour. Don’t blame me, I just wanna be fair.

  3. Then translate info re. other nominees. It’s up to you to vote or not. But do you really think that Swedes know all of these nominees? I seriously doubt.

  4. Of course it’s up to me, I said I won’t vote compulsively just because it’s Marie. Actually, I translated the info of some of the other candidates, and that has reinforced my opinion. One way or another: a) one vote won’t change anything; b) I hardly believe Marie really cares about this.

  5. Voted. I personally don’t care what the other ladies might be nominated for. I would have never voted for anything if I had had to know everything about all other candidates (music, films, whatever). I think she is a hero, she made it through and there is she is. An inspiration, to me at least 🙂

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