She’s Got Nothing On (but the radio)

What she got she got to give it to somebody
What she got she got to give it to someone
It’s not a case of growin’ up or lots of money
It’s just the fundamental twist of the sun

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9 thoughts on “SGNOBTR Lyrics”

  1. This really sucks.

    Roxette is no Indigo Girls so I don’t expect them to preach about child abuse or world poverty. But even songs like Dangerous, Joyride, Sleeping in my Car or Dressed for Success had a sort of story behind it. This is just nonsense, random words put together.

    I have lost my hope for a good album, it will most likely be a piece of crap.

  2. Really? Bad for you. Could you give me a summary of The Look’s storyline please? I think this sounds like good old fun again. 🙂

  3. Don’t be too judgemental yet please…wait for the single to be released. Have a good listen to it and then decide:
    ok I don’t like or yes I do like. Words of songs don’t always have to mean anything and with Roxette Per usually writes the more meaningful stuff for Marie to sing like the balads etc.
    I am just over the moon that Roxette is writing and performing again 🙂

  4. lroxer :

    Somebody else notice that the name on the title is wrong? or What that extra “T” stands for?

    I did notice it yesterday but was being to lazy to log in and change it, it’s done now! 😉

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